cover of 'Simply Synchro' by Lynn Hovde and Nancy Speser, 88 pages, spiral bound, glossy pages, durable cover
Simply Synchro

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Simply Synchro, by Lynn Hovde and Nancy Speser, is both an instruction manual for swimming teachers and coaches as well as a pre-competitive program that focuses on teaching the synchronized swimming basics.

The program consists of three levels, and each level is designed to be taught in twelve, one-hour sessions, with classes being held twice a week. A swimmer can feasibly progress through the three levels within a nine-month period.

The program offers a stand-alone learning experience to those who do not want to compete, and it offers those new to the sport a chance to learn the basics before committing to competition.

News & Events

  • November 2013 - book available for purchase
  • 2021 - swim clinics - stay tuned for specifics